Three Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Training Classes

With almost 45% of American households having at least one dog, dog training is becoming more and more important to dog owners in the United States. Some dog owners believe that dog training is simple and can be done at home, on their own. While some are successful, professional dog training classes offer discipline and structure for both you and your dog, allowing you to set each other up for the best success. Here are three reasons why you should choose a professional dog trainer for your canine.

1) Training Offers A Chance For Socializing

Any dog obedience trainer will tell you that dogs need to be socialized to help them learn how to deal with other dogs and with people. A dog that isn’t properly socialized may be unnecessarily reactive or aggressive. Proper socialization starts with puppy training. Puppy training will give your dog the chance to become properly socialized early in life so that over time your dog will be appropriate with people, dogs, and even other animals.

2) Training Yields A More Positive Relationship

Dog training classes are a great way to bond with your dog, and bonding is a very important part of building a positive relationship with your pup. Dog training classes will give you the tools needed to teach your dog common commands. Proper commands may include: “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Come.” Dog training classes can also teach other commands, such as “leave it” or” wait,” and more. These necessary commands will teach your dog how to stay focused on you. Dogs crave structure and want to please. Teaching these commands will encourage your dog to always be waiting for the next command, which results in a positive, healthy, and bonded relationship.

3) Training Reduces Problem Behaviors

Dog training classes in Phoenix can help reduce or eliminate problem behaviors in your dog. Problem behaviors range from things as simple as barking incessantly to chewing on furniture. Other problem behaviors include reactive and aggressive behavior, which could put you, your dog, or others at risk. Professional dog training classes reduce risk and can be life-saving tools. Your dog may start chewing on things that could harm him/her, so it’s important to reduce anxiety through training and proper play.

If you just brought home your new puppy, dog training classes are a great way to start socializing your pup and promoting a positive bond with him or her. If your dog is already displaying poor behavior, it’s not too late. Start building a healthy relationship with your dog with dog training classes in Phoenix today.

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