Why Your Dog Need Dog Obedience Training

In homes across the United States, there are about 78 million dogs kept as pets. Dogs are one of the most common types of pets people own, and they have been bred to be our loyal companions. But how do you keep your dog happy and healthy beyond just playing with him or taking her to the vet for routine visits? Dog training is the best tool for keeping your dog happy. Continue reading to find out why your dog needs dog obedience training.

Dog Training Is Great Bonding

A dog obedience trainer will tell you that bonding with your dog is an important part of the human-dog relationship. That bond is strengthened by things like giving your dog treats, playing with your dog, and training your dog. Start with a dog training class to learn basic commands, then reiterate and reinforce those commands at home. Over time, you will develop and strengthen the bond with your dog. Once you have taught a few commands, continue training with new commands to constantly keep your dog engaged.

Training Is A Critical Safety Tool

While it can be fun to teach dogs how to sit, stay, and rollover, there are other reasons beyond just fun and bonding that you want a well-trained dog. Let’s say you take your dog to an off-leash dog park. There will be other dogs at the dog park but they aren’t necessarily well trained or socialized. You notice your dog is becoming annoyed with another dog and is displaying warning signs that they would like the other dog to back off. Thankfully, you’re paying attention.

Having your dog trained with voice recall can prevent a serious altercation from occurring. It can also mean the difference between recalling your dog from a dangerous animal, such as a snake, or the animal hurting your dog. Dog obedience training is a life-saving tool to have in your pocket.

Obedience Training Makes For A Tired Dog

A tired dog is a good dog and dog obedience training is a wonderful way to wear your dog out. Giving your dog plenty of mental exercise in the form of training is a great way to reduce or eliminate your dog’s anxiety. Anxious behavior includes chewing on things that they are not supposed to chew on, barking at inappropriate times, and aggressive or reactive displays. Dog obedience training will help curb this behavior and give your dog something to constantly focus on: being the best dog they can be.

Whether you’ve just got a new puppy, or you adopted an old dog from the shelter, you can teach your dog new tricks with dog obedience training. Dog training classes in Phoenix can help you take control of your relationship with your dog and give your dog a healthy outlook on home life.

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