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The importance of proper nutrition for your dog

As we all know our diet plays a big roll in how we feel and live, and the same goes for our dogs. As you probably know through either common sense or a little research, dog kibble is horrible. Kibble is able to last years in a non airtight bag without spoiling, it is cooked at extremely high temperatures (killing all nutritional value) and then packed with preservatives to get it to be as “fresh as possible.” Even these expensive brands can’t avoid the horrible things they have to do to make dog kibble last on the shelves. Don’t be fooled by the $90 bag with a cute dog running around a farm with chickens in the background. It’s all a hoax. It’s just not possible to make healthy dog food with real meat, last years in a bag with no refrigeration. Kibble in no way is good for your dog and the list of health issues that come along with feeding your dog a bad diet is long. (Check out the show on Netflix called “Pet Fooled.” It goes into detail about the pet industry and the corrupt things they do with dog food)

So what alternatives do we have? I’ve tried them all including having a company send me frozen meat every month that was perfectly mixed with organ, bone and muscle that dogs are meant to have. The downside was I needed a giant deep freezer to fit a months worth of meat in, and a budget of $500 a month. Shortly after starting I realized this wasn’t the best choice.

Then I tried to do it myself. I went to the store to find all the ingredients the books said my dog needed, mixing it all together daily like a mad scientist in his kitchen, while making a mess in the process. Obviously this wasn’t sustainable either.

Then I found the NDF2 (link below) that simplified everything. A mix that had all the nutrients my dog needed that was freeze dried. All I have to do is mix it with my desired protein source such as 80/20 beef, turkey or cottage cheese. It took the guesswork out of everything.

Here’s my morning process for my 120 lb Rottweiler. I take 1.5 cups of NDF2 and mix it with 12 ounces of beef or other protein source. Then I add 2 cups of water. That’s it, like making a bowl of cereal. Here is what happened to my dog after I started. Shinier coat, no more bad breath, and firmer stools. Thankfully my dog was young and healthy already, but after starting and researching I found hundreds of transformational stories of dogs who had horrible allergies and health issues that went away after using this stuff. And to me it’s common sense! If you eat junk food all day for months or years, do you feel good? What if you ate a balanced diet meant for our bodies, would you feel better? Kibble is junk food on steroids, feeding your dog Big Macs all day would be better for them in my opinion. The ingredient lists are on the website on any specific item, you’ll be able to see how clean and simple they are.

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